TreeFall Clothing Co. Photoshoot


"To reach and influence the world by creating a Kingdom based clothing company that shifts mindsets and changes culture through empowering people to meet their true creative potential by adding value to humanity."
- Treefall Clothing Co.



I had the privilege to collaborate with Treefall Clothing Co. the other day and I do have to say I had such a great time. It was great getting to know Santi as he shared with me the vision of the clothing brand. It is not difficult to find a company that compromised the ethics and values that were originally established, however Treefall Clothing Co. got some really good quality clothing that were ethically produced and sell for an affordable price. I would definitely highly recommend checking out their website at and see what they got in stock. Thank you for the opportunity once again Treefall Clothing Co. and looking forward to future collaborations!