Captivity, Memories and Freedom

Last Saturday I along with two friends named Percy and Isaac went to Cockatoo Island to do a photoshoot. Many thanks once again for your time and I really appreciate our friendship. 


The theme we were focusing on was, “ Captivity, Memories and Freedom.”  It was no accident that in Cockatoo Island, this was engrained in the history of the island. Around 1857, this island was filled with convicts that were in captivity and had to work vigorous hours.

I personally believe that when hardship is prevalent, hope starts stirring and yearns for the freedom that may or may not come. What do we cling to when hardship is pressing on us? Some would cling to friends as others may cling to religion. Whatever we may cling to, one of the many things that people tend to cling to are memories. 

I wanted to portray the contrast of captivity and freedom and to have memories be the bridge between the two elements. For these two, a cross, a badge, a Bible and a hat symbolises their personal memories. Memories are never meant to be kept to oneself. Sometimes when memories are shared, divine strength is given and can withstand any hardship. What are the memories you hold onto that has given you strength?

I hope that these photos inspire you and speak to you.